PTL Group offers a unique model of operational audits supporting companies to continually improve their management practices, facing an ever changing business regulatory environment in China. 

Our approach goes beyond due diligence. We place an emphasis on fast and affordable auditing, and we do it on-site

Operational audits are generally conducted in several phases:
1. Our on-the-ground team learns the key functions of your operation.
2. Our local experienced managers conduct face-to-face interviews with your local management. They review and analyse their local working practices to determine if these are being carried out effectively.
3. Based on the individual case, we focus on the competency and allocation of staff within Financial Management, Operational Flows, Logistics Management, Distribution, and Asset Management.
4. We summarise the findings in a short report and make specific recommendations for change.

After the audit, PTL Group can implement improvement processes, management coaching programs and follow-up audits.

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