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December 08 Globes I believe that China could see Israel as a role model Hebrew  Link  
December PC Do not wait for the Chinese - go to them Hebrew  Link  
December 4 Layla Kalkali - Economic Night Interview with Zvi Shalgo about China real GDP Hebrew  Link  
October 3 Times of Israel Culture, business cement Israel-China relationship English  Link  
September 1 NewTech Magazine How to bring medical equipment technology into the Chinese Market Hebrew  Link   PDF
May 16 Jewish Times Asia Matrix sets up Nanjing centre to expand its operations in China English    PDF
May 12 Chinabrige Seminar Entrepreneurship and business in China Hebrew  Link  
April 30 Globes Matrix opens Nanjing training center English  Link  
March 12 Bloomberg TV Not Going to China Is Wrong Move for Firms English  Link  
March 12 The Jerusalem Post Matrix opens new IT center in Nanjing, China English  Link  
March 4 Haaretz WBP Venture Partners English  Link  
Feb 26 Haaretz Could China supplant U.S. as top source of Israeli tech capital? English  Link  
Feb 26 Globes WBP launches $50m Israel investment fund English  Link  
Feb 26 Bloomberg China buys its way into israel's tech scene English  Link  
Feb 18 Israel defence Zvikas' article – (HEB) Cyber Market in China Hebrew  Link  
Feb 16 Calcalist Zvikas' article (HEB)- IT sector in china Hebrew  Link  

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