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We are regularly holding seminars about effective management of sales and manufacturing operations in China. Check our upcoming events in China, Israel, Netherlands, Italy, UK and USA.

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Opportunities and challenges for Israeli high-tech companies in China - Feb. 27th

A seminar addressing the important issues facing startups and mature companies entering the Chinese market.

In partnership with Israel Ministry Of Economy

Israeli high-tech companies interested in operating in China must determine the best way to approach the Chinese market. It is well-known that the Chinese market enjoys one of the fastest economic and technological growth rates, opening significant opportunities for Israeli entrepreneurs and high-tech executives. Nonetheless, successful integration into the Chinese market can be a highly challenging process, considering cultural differences, as well as business and regulatory issues, that dictate a new set of game rules.

The seminar will provide Israel high-tech executives with practical advice and tools based on the experience of experts as well as managers of Israeli high-tech companies already operating in China.

Topics include: 

• Integration strategies for the Chinese market
• Cooperating with Chinese companies
• Social and business culture in China – managing negotiations
• Legal and technological IP aspects of operating in China
• Business and financial aspects of operating in China
• Penetration and growth business models for the Chinese market
• Fundraising and financing a Chinese venture
• Manufacturing in China
• Sales and distribution channels in China
• Competitive business models - how to differentiate your business in large international markets

Senior managers from leading high-tech companies will present case studies and share their personal experiences with starting operations in the Chinese market.

The seminar is intendedfor senior executives of startups and high-tech companies, CEOs, CFOs, controllers, investors and stakeholders in Israel's high-tech industry.


For additional details, contact Iris Golani:
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China Telecom is seeking partnerships with Israeli IT and service companies. They are looking to PTL Group and Matrix as potential partners

On 6th October, 2013, Matrix Global held a seminar in Tel Aviv, Israel, about the Chinese web and mobile market. The title of the seminar was: How not to fail the world's largest application market.

Invited by Matrix, Mr. Johnny Lee, Business Development Director of China Telecom, attended the seminar.

At the event also in attendance were the top executives from application development companies looking for opportunities in the Chinese market.

Ziv Mandl, CEO of Matrix Global, opened the seminar followed by Mr. Johnny Lee, who gave an overview on the needs  of the Chinese applications market.

 Zvi Shalgo, the founder and CEO of PTL Group, spoke about the importance of having a platform to help Israeli companies enter China.

 The event was closed by Yair Metz and Ronen Engler, both from Matrix, who gave a speech about the cultural differences in doing business in China and about localization and offshore services in China, respectively.

Mr. Lee said that China Telecom is seeking partnerships with Israeli IT companies to operate in China and with services companies to help the initial entities entering the Chinese market.

Mr. Lee showed interest in the Research and Development center of Matrix in Changzhou, and is considering a partnership with them and with PTL Group. PTL Group is already a partner of Matrix in China.

2013 PTL Group’s Roaring ‘20s Client Event

Celebrating 13 years, PTL Group organized the Shanghai Club’s Roaring ‘20s party for its customers.

On the 10th of October, PTL Group organized a party to celebrate its 13 years in China. The event was held in front of the beach of Herzlia inside Duplex, a beautiful venue for private events. All of the Israeli clients were invited to the event.

The venue was beautifuly decorated by PTL Group and was inspired by the Shanghai Club in the 20s. The waiters were wearing authentic Chinese clothes from that era, while the Jazz band and the detailed decorations of the venue, along with the beautiful outfits of the guests, created a very special and unique atmosphere.

During the evening, Zvi Shalgo, the founder of PTL Group, presented all of the most important moments of the company , while Arie Schreier, VP of Sales and Marketing, addressed the cultural differences that those working in China encounter every day. Chris Pan, the Logistics Department Manager, entertained the guests by performing a Chinese song straight from the Chinese Belle Époque.

PTL Group’s Zvi Shalgo Invited to Speak at Journey

On Thursday, 17th October, PTL Group participated in "Journey" - Israel's most prestigious annual business conference, held by Ernst and Young, featuring leading technology, healthcare and clean-tech companies. The event serves as the focal point for over 1500 guests, including senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs, financial experts, and investors from Israel and abroad.


Zvi Shalgo, CEO of PTL Group, was invited as a speaker to a special panel dealing with the healthcare market in China, called “China - The big opportunity and challenge.”

The Moderator was Pennina Safer from Medica Venture Partners, and additional speakers were Karen Sarid (Fosun Pharmaceuticals) and Boaz Dymant from Poalim Asia Direct.

After an interesting review of the Chinese healthcare market, today worth $357 billion per year, Zvika gave two case studies of the PTL Group clients:

The first was Tuttnaur, an Israeli company specializing in Sterilization & Infection Control Products for the use of hospital labs.

Tuttnaur had been active in China for almost two decades, and has recently opened a production line in the CI3 industrial incubator in Changzhou.

Another case study was Lytron – an American medical device company and a formal supplier to GE. Lytron is also located in the CI3 industrial incubator.

Seminar | HR-Management in China | The Netherlands

Veranderingen in arbeidsrecht


een zicht op HR trends & strategieën

Wilt u meer weten over de veranderingen in arbeidsrecht en tevens op hoogte worden gebracht van HR-trends en strategieën in China?
Schrijft u zich dan nu in via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adecco Group, PTL Group en HIL International Lawyers & Advisers gaan op 3 december een seminar houden over recente ontwikkelingen op het gebied van HR in China. Dit seminar is bedoeld voor HR-managers, DGA’s of Managers verantwoordelijk voor China en die zelf lokaal in China aanwezig (willen) zijn.

Tijdens het seminar komen veelgevraagde onderwerpen aan bod zoals:

  • Welke implicaties hebben de veranderingen in arbeidsrecht op mijn activiteiten in China?
  • Hoe ga ik om met salaris, sociale premies en secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden?
  • Hoe speel ik in op HR trends?
  • Kies ik voor expats en/of Chinees management?
  • Hoe behoud ik mijn personeel en hoe vergroot ik hun motivatie en loyaliteit?
  • Hoe stuur ik mijn personeel in China op afstand aan?

De invulling van deze en andere HR-vraagstukken bepalen uiteindelijk mede het succes van uw onderneming in China.

Ervaringsdeskundigen zullen verder ingaan op de volgende aspecten:

Het managen van personeel in China, lokaal of van buitenaf

Zvi Shalgo, CEO en voorzitter van PTL Group, heeft meer dan 20 jaar senior management posities vervuld bij diverse industriële en handelsbedrijven in China.

De interface tussen Westers en Chinees management zal uiteengezet worden. Concreet met voorbeelden van wat mis kan gaan en suggesties voor wat u wel- en wat u zeker niet moet doen.

Arbeidsrecht in China
Jan Holthuis, Managing Partner van HIL International Lawyers & Advisers. HIL heeft 17 jaar ervaring in advisering op het gebied van Chinees recht & praktijk.

Recente veranderingen in arbeidsrecht worden toegelicht aan de hand van praktijkvoorbeelden. Besproken worden de arbeidsovereenkomst, verantwoordelijkheden van werknemer en werkgever, de ontslagprocedure en voortdurende verplichtingen zoals geheimhouding en non-competitie.

Personeelstrends in China
Alessandro Tiberia – International Sales – Implementation and Sales Support Director van de Adecco Group. Alessandro Tiberia is onder andere verantwoordelijk voor de ontwikkeling van Internationale klanten in China

HR-trends en een tekort aan gekwalificeerd personeel zullen besproken worden, met een focus op branding en retentie.


Dit seminar vindt plaats op dinsdag 3 december aanstaande van 15:00 – 19:00 uur bij de Kamer van Koophandel Rotterdam. Aan het einde van dit seminar zal er een netwerkborrel plaatsvinden.

Deelname en kosten

U kunt zich aanmelden per e-mail bij This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Mocht u specifieke aandachtspunten of vragen hebben die u tijdens dit seminar over HR in China graag besproken ziet worden, laat dit dan vóór 26 november aanstaande via dit e-mail adres aan ons weten. De kosten voor dit seminar bedragen € 35, - inclusief btw per deelnemer.

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