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Starting a business in the Chinese market may not be as easy as you thought, but hiring employees can be even more challenging for the employers of newly started companies. What kind of contracts you are signing with your employees in China? Is freelancer a good option?  What are the rules and risks around hiring, firing, and managing a team of employees? 

The confusion is also from the other side: As an employee, working for a new business in China can be an exciting opportunity, but it also raises many questions: what is legal or illegal when it comes to salary, social benefits, taxes, compensation, overtime; and if you are a foreigner, how to deal with the new rules of obtaining the work permit? 

Effective HR for companies newly operating in China fall into 5 major areas:
-China Labor Contract Law
-Employee Handbook
-Chinese salary and salary composition
-People management
-HQ and local branch

By highlighting some of the challenges both employees and employers face in each of these areas, we hope to ease anxieties and provide information on how HR can be done right.

In this seminar, Arie will also present another solution (Chinaware) to a common problem that new comers to China are facing is: can your clients open your websites in China without a VPN? Chinaware allows your overseas website to be seen in China without a VPN, ICP license, or migrating your site to a Chinese website platform.


Event Schedule

 16:00-16:15 Registration
 16:15-17:15 Presentation and Q&A
 17:15-17:30 Introduction of Chinaware — a new website solution
 17:30-18:00 Networking

About the Speaker


Arie Schreier
General Manager
PTL Group- China
Arie Schreier has over 20 years of management experience with companies and diplomatic missions throughout Asia, Australia and South America. He has spent the last 12 years managing logistics, administration, HR, recruiting, finance, and manufacturing operations for foreign companies in China. He also has been involved in several Operational Audit as well as Turnaround and transformation projects for foreign Owned entities in China. As one of the founders of the China Industrial Initiative (CI2), he is actively involved in the establishment and management of several manufacturing facilities in the country.

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