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Pureformance Challenge
is a competition that gams launched last year on indoor air quality. As a clean-tech start-up, they see raising the public’s awareness on air quality issues as a key part of why they exist. Therefore they've gathered a group of likeminded forward-thinking companies to showcase what they have accomplished in improving the air quality at work. 

The sharing economy has been a popular topicover the past years, so this year the Pureformance Challenge focuses on Co-working and Co-living! PTL Group is one of the 12 top co-working spaces in Shanghai that have been selected to the final of this Challenge.

The PTL Group is a well established brand and has performed in the China market for over 16 years. We help international companies and start-ups through different stage of their business penetration to the Chinese market. Our clients just need to focus on their business growth while we take care of all the operational works for them. When we were contacted by gem, we immediately accepted the Challenge because we are thrilled to showcase our success in providing toperational services and we take care of our clients’ health and working environment.

The space participating in the Pureformance Challenge is PTL Group's head office located in the center of Shanghai. Presently 12 companies from over 6 countries share the working space as well as in house support services such as HR Management,Finance Management and Logistic Management.

Pureformance Challenge will host our award ceremony on Dec 1st at TheMarket where coworking spaces that offer the best indoor air will be announced. So we will release more information if PTL Group will win the prize.

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