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Dear colleagues, friends and partners,

PTL Group is delighted to invite you to our up-coming seminar that is co-organized with IsCham and Desan Shira: "An introduction to developing tight control mechanisms and the different methods of hiring staff in China", on June 15th, 4PM-6PM, at Naked Hub@Xikang Lu, 6F, #189 Changshou Road, Putuo district.
PTL Group邀请您参加我们和以色列商会以及Desan Shira联合主办的上海研讨会在中国运用严格管控机制和招聘人员的不同方法615日下午4点至6点,裸心社@西康路,普陀区常寿路1896楼。

During the seminar, Mr. Arie Schreier, General Manager of PTL Group China, will talk about the things that can go wrong with your China operations if you do not have tight control mechanisms and the daily issues that can occur when the HQ fails to set the right control mechanisms. This can include choosing the wrong GM, not setting up clear work flows and monitoring systems, choosing the wrong partners, using unprofessional service providers and so on.
研讨会上,PTL Group 中国总经理Arie Schreier先生将会对公司运营所采用的掌控机制进行详细论述。公司在没有建立严格的管控机制时,很多运营上的问题就会显现。总部如果从一开始就没有很好的建立管控机制,很多日常的问题就会曾出不穷:比如你选择的中国区总经理并不适合,或者没有建立好明确的工作流程和监督体系,合作伙伴的误选以及不够专业的服务等等。

Mr. Adam Livermore, Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates, In the presentation, 'A Comparison Between Direct Hire, Dispatch, Outsourcing and Utilizing Independent Contractors in China’, Adam will introduce four ways of hiring staff in China including Direct Hire, Dispatch, Outsourcing and Utilizing Independent Contractors. The comparison will be made from the relationship between employee and employer, the tax burden under business tax logic and VAT logic of each option as well as the risks and benefits of each option for different types of legal entities.
Dezan Shira & Associates
合伙人Adam Livermore 先生将分享题为《中国直聘,派遣,外包和利用独立承包商比较》的演讲。Adam将比较在中国招聘员工的四种方式,包括直聘,派遣,外包和利用独立承包商。比较员工与雇主之间的关系,营业税逻辑下的税收负担以及每个期权的增值税逻辑,以及不同类型法人实体的风险和收益。

PTL Group, founded in 2000, focused on setting up and running professional operations like finance, HR, recruitment, marketing, warehousing, and logistics for the first decade. Continuous success and a growth in market demand for Chinese business expertise led to a quick expansion of PTL’s service range which now also includes industrial project management, business recovery and equity partnerships.
专注于为国际企业进入中国提供专业运营管理平台,服务范围包括财务管理,人力资源,招聘,市场营销(社交媒体运营),以及物流和仓储等等。PTL Group的服务贯穿国际企业来华投资开拓市场的全部过程,并为生产型企业提供产业孵化的平台。

Agenda 议程:
16:00-16:30 Registration
16:30-17:00 Presentation of Dezan Shira&Associates
17:00-17:10 Tea Break
17:10-17:40 Presentation of PTL
17:40-18:00 Q&A

Sponsors - Free
Members – 50 RMB
以色列商会会员 50
Non-members - 150 RMB
非会员 150

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We hope to see you at this seminar!

Ischam Team



Adam Livermore
Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates

Arie Schreier
General Manager at PTL Group


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Organizer and Partner




Starting a business in the Chinese market may not be as easy as you thought, but hiring employees can be even more challenging for the employers of newly started companies. What kind of contracts you are signing with your employees in China? Is freelancer a good option?  What are the rules and risks around hiring, firing, and managing a team of employees? 

The confusion is also from the other side: As an employee, working for a new business in China can be an exciting opportunity, but it also raises many questions: what is legal or illegal when it comes to salary, social benefits, taxes, compensation, overtime; and if you are a foreigner, how to deal with the new rules of obtaining the work permit? 

Effective HR for companies newly operating in China fall into 5 major areas:
-China Labor Contract Law
-Employee Handbook
-Chinese salary and salary composition
-People management
-HQ and local branch

Pureformance Challenge
is a competition that gams launched last year on indoor air quality. As a clean-tech start-up, they see raising the public’s awareness on air quality issues as a key part of why they exist. Therefore they've gathered a group of likeminded forward-thinking companies to showcase what they have accomplished in improving the air quality at work. 

The sharing economy has been a popular topicover the past years, so this year the Pureformance Challenge focuses on Co-working and Co-living! PTL Group is one of the 12 top co-working spaces in Shanghai that have been selected to the final of this Challenge.

The PTL Group is a well established brand and has performed in the China market for over 16 years. We help international companies and start-ups through different stage of their business penetration to the Chinese market. Our clients just need to focus on their business growth while we take care of all the operational works for them. When we were contacted by gem, we immediately accepted the Challenge because we are thrilled to showcase our success in providing toperational services and we take care of our clients’ health and working environment.

The space participating in the Pureformance Challenge is PTL Group's head office located in the center of Shanghai. Presently 12 companies from over 6 countries share the working space as well as in house support services such as HR Management,Finance Management and Logistic Management.

Pureformance Challenge will host our award ceremony on Dec 1st at TheMarket where coworking spaces that offer the best indoor air will be announced. So we will release more information if PTL Group will win the prize.

Capitalize on the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement! More and more Australian businesses are eager to develop their China business. Discover the significant pitfalls which lie on the path to business success in China and learn how you can minimize risk and maximize benefit for your China business. See the topics that will be addressed in this seminar! Register via this this link


Join AmCham Shanghai SME Center for this free, live webinar presented by PTL Group.

Time for US Attendees: August 17, 2015 at 5:00 P.M. PDT, 8:00 P.M. EDT
Time for China Attendees: August 18, 2015 at 8:00 A.M. China Standard Time

To register for this free event, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a Webinar ID.

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