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In this edition of B2B China News, you'll read about: 

The second China Boot Camp that's will take place in Shanghai this November. Find out more details of how to apply, and a summary of the first China Boot Camp in this newsletter. An interview with Shirley Xia, PTL Group’s CFO, shows you how important it is to have your local branches audited and to have their finances managed by a professional team. This May, China implemented its VAT reforms, which were trialed in cities across the country. Check out the chart PTL has prepared for you to see how this reform may affect your business sector in China.

China Boot Camp is an advanced free program in Shanghai to prepare start-up entrepreneurs & managers for Chinese market penetration. 10 start-ups will be selected and will benefit from:


  • 5 days of intensive training, in-depth presentations, networking with experienced entrepreneurs and visits to leading companies.
  • Exposure to first-hand experience accumulated from hundreds of international tech companies operating in China.
 Read the wrap-up of the June Bootcamp
 Details and registration for the next Bootcamp
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“Finance Management is Critical in Operating Your Business in China”
Interview with PTL Group CFO--Shirley Xia

PTL CFO - Shirley Xia

Q: Among the Auditing and Business Recovery projects you have carried out, which project did you manage to deliver satisfactory results for despite its challenging nature? 

A:My first project at PTL was to manage a turn-around project for an Italian manufacturing company. The company suffered from very tight cash flow and had many management issues. The company’s headquarter was hesitating whether to continue operating in China after having done so for several years yet without healthy revenue.  They asked the PTL team to audit and screen the company’s entire financial and HR situation, as well as the logistics and manufacturing work flows. Read more


Do you need an operation audit for your China office?

Hiring foreigners in Shanghai has become easier

When will you need to conduct the Operation Audit?

When we meet managers from international companies’ headquarters, they often tell us their concerns about their Chinese activities: after a few years they have the feeling that the situation is not under their control anymore, or at least they feel they don’t know the details of what’s happening in their Chinese office.

Other times, we meet companies that, after spending some time in China, have the need to grow or downsize their local activities. Read more


From November 1, foreigners will only have to apply for a unified work permit as the two types of work permits for ordinary foreign employees and foreign experts will be streamlined into one.  The pilot scheme of unified work permit for expatriates is launched in nine provinces and cities, including Shanghai. The trial ends next April.

The application process will also be simplified, which means some materials will no longer be needed, such as a personal resume. Read more


How can you benefit from the VAT reform in China?

China has been paving their way to a fiscal reform that will help them achieve the economic and social goals set in previous years. China’s first step towards their fiscal transformation was the VAT Reform that started in Shanghai during 2012, this initiative, has been expanded to pilot sectors all across the country on August 1st 2012 due to its remarkable success as well as, to bolster the slowing economic growth. On May 1st 2016, the reform has officially been implemented to all China. The reform program seeks to replace the business tax with a value-added tax to avoid duplicated taxation and to lower the tax burden. Read more

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