As we begin 2016, we compiled a series of articles to start this New Year with the right foot. As connectivity and technology remains a growing trend, brands must stay connected with their customers; this is why we introduce our latest service, Wechat Management Service. We share the most relevant Chinese news of the month as well as, some predictions of what the Monkey Year has prepared for us. Finally, we introduce WFOE Management tips to reduce risks and exposure, enjoy the January reading!


Happy Chinese New Year!

We welcome another year in our lives while leaving the Sheep year behind. For those who are unaware, this period we will be celebrating the year of the Monkey. However, what will this 2016 bring upon us? Monkey year is ideal to bring some change into our lives, shake it up a little bit and create new things.Start with a new look, new read more...

WeChat turned 5 years old in January, we toast to many years to come!

WeChat turned 5 years old in January, and in its “short” existence it has reached over 650 million monthly active users. It is estimated that there are 2 billion shares exchanged per day, and 1.8 billion exposed on moments. There are over 10 million WeChat official accounts and over 150.000 offline stores integrate with read more...

Is Your WFOE in China Optimized? Find Out Where You’re Exposed…

The more time a company spends conducting business in China, the more comfortable its managers become. Often the excitement of acquiring new clients and earning more revenue causes overseas managers to lose control of the WFOE’s optimization. Click here to read how to optimize your WFOE.




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Upcoming fairs and exhibitions held in Shanghai. Don't forget to register!

SIOFShanghai Int'l Optics Fair 24-26
Semicon ChinaSemiconductor Equipment and Materials Exhibition 15-17
ModernAgri ExpoInt'l Modern Agricultural ExpoMarch 25-27
Productronica China 2016Electronics and Electricals 15-17
R+T AsiaConstruction equipment and decorationswww.rtasia.orgMarch 22-24
HDE 2016 The 4th Shanghai Hospitality Design & Engineering Expo 29-April 1st
CIHFChina Int'l Hardware Fairwww.hardware-fair.comMarch 30-April 1st


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