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As the 5th plenary session (“the plenum”) of the 18th central committee of the CPC takes place, we look forward the outcome, possible implications for economic growth and the 13th Five-Year-Plan outlook. We share the latest report we have received from the Deutsche Bank research here. In the meantime, we cover the latest Foreign Direct Investment opportunities under E-Commerce and a practical guide on how to tap into this wave within the SHFTZ. We share with you the video of Israeli media expert Ariel Margalit from ARMA Media, showing some key rules that should be taken into consideration in every marketing production in China. We introduce our partner’s tips, this edition referring to IP rights protection, insights from our collaborator Jeff from SXIPPA, and take you on a trip to China’s Sillicon Valley in Hangzhou. Enjoy the Fall and the reading!

New Shanghai Free Trade Zone Policy: WFOEs Now Permitted To Provide E-Commerce Services
The Foreign investors are now able to establish a 100 percent foreign-owned company without joining with a Chinese partner thank to the new FTZ Policy. Here is a glance of what this legislation is about and the business opportunities it brings along. To read more, Click here.

China Supreme Court Determines Pure Non-competition Agreements Do Not Constitute a Security Measure for Trade Secret Protection
Given the Supreme Court’s decision, it is no longer advisable for enterprises in China to protect technical information or business information by means of pure non-competition agreements. Then, which is the best way to protect your company's top trade secrets? For the full story, Click here.

Hangzhou as the Chinese Silicon Valley
With the help of the government and private investors technological clusters are being built one after another along this municipality; find out how Hangzhou is now being positioned as the next Silicon Valley in China. For the full story, Click here.

How to Market a Brand or an Idea? And How to Do It In China?
Digital marketing company ARMA Media, founded in 2010 by Israeli media expert Ariel Margalit, shows some key rules that should be paid attention in every marketing production in China. Ariel explains that most principles shown are relevent to every market, but in China it is neccessary to do localization of characters, language, places, and to reflect values in fitting to the Chinese market. This and more in the following video (video will open in a new window)

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