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PTL Group welcomed Summer with ChAFTA Signed!, the Free Trade Agreement finally formalized between China and Australia that is great news for trade related industries.
We also looked at some questions about Medicine Brands Made in China and how China’s Five Year Plans will affect the pharmaceutical and medical industry here.
Related to PTL Group’s sister company, CI3, we go into some of the background of how the factory incubator got started and the solutions it currently provides clients in the CI3 case study.
Finally, we return to the classroom and learn about China’s VAT tax reforms from PTL’s knowledgeable CFO Shirley Xia, in Taxation 101.

Enjoy the read and welcome to Summer!

ChAFTA Signed! Taxation 101 for Foreign Invested SMEs in China
Too some it seems like an epic moment “a milestone in bilateral relations”, but to others is a doomsday. We review the agreement's benefits for specific industries which stand to benefit the most, as well as those who'll have to wait another 3 years just to start the discussions. We hear the perspective from our partner on the ground Mrs. Sarah Tritsch from Star Jasmine. Full story. Managing your tax liabilities and obligations and interpreting them for HQ abroad can be a time consuming and tedious task. Deciphering the mechanism takes time, and once in rhythm adapting to regulation updates is a quest. Solving VAT problems in China requires experience. Read on for valuable tax lessons and information. Full story.
Recognized Medicine Brands Made in China

Will they be the next step for Chinese Market? Are there big opportunities in this industry? China has made it an effort to create a viable environment for the pharmaceutical industry since 2009. The five year plans demonstrate this. We review what reforms encourage this sector and give tips how to start operations successfully.Full story.
The Changzhou Industrial Incubation Initiative: A Case Study

The Changzhou Industrial Incubation Initiative factory incubator was built as a solution to a need. What’s the background history of the incubator and how did it get started? What were the main challenges it solved? And what solutions does it provide to the existing client base today? Read the case study for answers. Full story.
Our Services in China
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