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Uncertainties in China- Dream Big or Be Averse to Risk Hosting a website in China – what’s behind the great wall?
Recently, a popular topic is how soon the GDP of China will exceed that of the US. The achievement of GDP growth of China was amazing in these past twenty years, so does the discussion about the GDP surpassing expectation prove the China market would keep growing and be a wonderful place to do business? Full story. In China, a website that is hosted locally loads much quicker than one hosted in a different country, due to China’s great firewall. This can become a severe competitive disadvantage for content intensive websites, such as online stores. So why doesn’t everybody just host their website in China? Full story.
Preparing for the Year of the Sheep: 15 Tips to Wrap Up before Chinese New Year

The 2015 Chinese New Year is around the corner, and this time we celebrate the year of the sheep. At PTL Group, we start to get busy on preparations and To-Do Lists come in handy. Therefore, we’d like to share 15 tips that could be helpful in wrapping up the Year of the Horse with precision, and welcoming in the docile sheep. Full story.
Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower, China's tallest building and the world's 2nd tallest, at 125 stories – the $2 billion building, is wind-powered and being promoted as a model of sustainable urban construction for China. With the opening date still not set, people are anxious to see what’s inside this magnificent building. Full story.
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