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PTL Group welcomed Spring with a podcast interview of our CEO – Zvi Shalgo- hosted at Amcham Shanghai, one of a series of expert speakers sharing their true stories on doing business in China. We also greeted the EMBA group from Tel Aviv University in China 2015 trip once again. Related to news in China, we embrace China Mobile’s ranking 9th in the top 500 most valuable brands. Surely in the upcoming years we’ll see more Chinese brands joining this list. And we share an interesting perspective on the trend to shift from human labor to robotics.

China’s path to modernization for the majority of the population continues to enlarge opportunities for established and new players. We find a good example of this in the latest Cities of Opportunity in China report 2015. For those thinking of entering the market, we share an insight on how to save time and money in this quest. When considering launching your brand into the Chinese Market and estimating the cost of this approach, think investment. Finding the first client might be simpler if using the right business platform to incubate your sales team and operation on the ground.

Enjoy the read and welcome to Spring.

Tel Aviv University Visits China Once Again AmCham Interviews PTL Group Founder Zvi Shalgo
Executive MBA students from Tel Aviv University visited China again. During their weeklong stay this time around the delegation toured 5 cities and visited more than a dozen companies. E-commerce, dairy market products, outbound investments, and technological exchanges between Israel and China were some of the topics in the agenda. Full story. PTL’s Chairman Zvi Shalgo sat down at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai for a podcast interview touching on his “made in China” experiences over the past 20 plus years. The interview was led by Preston Kuo, Founder of the site and out-spoken C-Level Executive Coach in China. Full story.
The Shift from Human Labor to Robot Labor in China

The current manufacturing environment in China is definitely shifting from human labor to robot labor. The intention of government bureaus throughout China is to create incentives through a set of reforms and policies, to bring the right technology to the country, acquire knowledge and remain a manufacturing country for years. Full story.
To Sell in China, Save Time and Money: Don’t Register a Legal Company

SMEs get one shot at market entry and therefore, need to focus great attention on correctly and carefully executing each progressive step. Some of the most important considerations would be: Timeline, Competitors, Market Demand, Sales and/or Production Costs, Logistics and Distribution Channels. By avoiding mistakes early companies can save, and survive. Full story.
Upcoming Events
Apr 22 CanCham Hosted Event: China Untold: Entry Mistakes of Foreign SMEs and the Advantages of the Factory Incubator Model
May “Made in China” Podcast featuring an interview Zvika Shalgo, PTL GRoup Founder
May 28 (Netherlands) Fenedex Event: Symposium on Improving your business in China
June 2 (Israel) Chinese Investors - Israeli Technologies
June 22 Webinar: Manufacturing in China
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