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“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls
and others build windmills.”

Chinese proverb

PTL Group is an early pioneer of 2nd and 3rd tier investments, innovating in Jiangsu province since 2011. In this edition, we showcase our most recent accomplishments through our affiliated companies.
“Tier System” Investments in China: An Overview

China’s growth is reflected in numerous cities around the country. From east to west and north to south, many cities in China have experienced unprecedented economic growth during recent years. Consequently, the government created a classification system based on “tiers”.

The Chinese Tier System

The aim of the tier system is to rank cities throughout China. It is based on economic structural factors rather than size or demographic data. The leading points for this structure are: population size, development of services, infrastructure, cosmopolitan nature and economic growth.

We can describe the different tiers as the following:

First tier: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. First cities to be opened to competitive economic development by the Chinese government.

Second tier: Around 60 cities in China qualify as second tier cities, mainly provincial capitals and cities with increasing economic development. Some are considered leaders of China’s economic growth.

Third tier: Approximately 200 county-level cities are scattered across China which fall within this category. We can call them “developing cities” due to their higher economic growth (compared to the national average). Their advantages - cheaper production costs, government promotion, creation of industrial clusters and market opportunities - represent a huge cost-benefit advantage which mainly benefits B2B companies.

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The Industrial Incubation Initiative leaped
in the summer

On August 5, 2014, the Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, Mr. Arnon Perlman, paid a visit to “Changzhou Industrial Incubation Initiative” (CI3) in Changzhou. Mr. Perlman was given a tour of the premises including company visits to Tuttnauer from Israel, and Lytron from the USA; both medical device companies operating in CI3 and producing for the Chinese market.

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A partnership project successfully completed:
The Matrix IT training center in Nanjing

Matrix’s IT integrator unit John Bryce opened a new training center in Nanjing China - a joint venture with PTL Group in collaboration with the Nanjing Quality & Inspection Center. The new center will initially train 500 employees of local IT companies, and will later provide software services.

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PTL Group's new financial partnership:
Synergy Funds

PTL Group is one of the founding partners in a new
Chinese-Israeli-American fund targeting investments in
tech companies. The new Synergy Funds favors a unique
model that combines financing solutions with a highly
skilled platform of operational services, for local
continuous support of foreign companies in the Chinese
market. The fund is raising an initial 300 million RMB ($50 million) to invest in companies that will operate in China.
A boost to PTL Group's activity in the city of

A new China-Israel Governmental agreement was
signed in May 2014 to promote Israeli companies
operations in the Changzhou Innovation Park. In the last five years we have witnessed the buildup of an Israeli cooperation with the city of Changzhou, and PTL Group, which supports a variety of Israeli projects in the city and is one of the major driving forces in the process.

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