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Medical Equipment CleanTech Industry In China
In 2014, the Medical Research industry is expected to generate $8.2 billion, a 9.1% increase from 2013. The industry comprises two major types of institutions: biotechnology companies and medical research institutions. China remains one of the fastest growing medical device markets in the world, offers huge potential for medical device companies. Full story. China is, paradoxically, both the world’s top emitter of greenhouse gases and the largest investor in green energy. Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, recently “declared war” on smog and emphasized that “fostering a sound ecological environment is vital for people’s lives and the future of our nation (China).” Full story.

Distributor or Fulfillment Agent? A Tough Choice for Selling in China FTA Negations sealed while VP of Sales & Marketing Arie Schreier visits Australia
One of the toughest choices when entering China to sell a product has to be choosing between a distributor and a fulfillment agent. Knowing the difference between the two – the pros and cons – can literally mean the difference between successful sales growth and painful stagnation followed by a reluctant exit. Find out about each here. Tony Abbott: "It opens the doors to Australia and it opens the doors to China."

China and Australia have sealed a major free trade agreement, The result of a decade of talks, the deal will open up markets worth billions of dollars, Canberra says. Giving Australian dairy farmers, winemakers and other sectors tariff-free access to the Chinese market within a few years. Full story.
Upcoming Trade Shows in China
Dec 3 - Dec 5 Bauma China 2014
Dec 4 - Dec 6 2014 Shanghai Thermal Insulation Material & Energy-saving Technology Expo
Dec 4 - Dec 6 Asia Solar Photovaltaic Expo
Dec 4 - Dec 6 Shanghai International Petroleum Petrochemical Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition
Dec 9 - Dec 12 Automechanika Shanghai
Dec 23 - Dec 25 Bridge China
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