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Dec 15 L'Impresa Magazine A Changzhou nasce CI-3: Il nuovo incubatore industriale per aziende straniere Italian   PDF
Dec 4 Globes Chinese brands are going global Hebrew link PDF
Nov 7 Software News The City of Changzhou strengthens business ties with Israel Hebrew link  
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Oct 2 Israel21C Rapidly growing Israel-China link includes new industrial initiatives English link  
Sept 30 Seminar over het opzetten van productie - of verkoopkantoor in China Dutch link  
Aug 24 Globes 9 Tips to get Support from the Chinese Government Hebrew link PDF
Aug 9 TheMarker Week Western Companies Can Cope with the Chinese Competition - An Interview with Zvi Shalgo, CEO, PTL Group Hebrew link PDF
Aug 7 Industries Magazine How to Successfully Penetrate the Great Wall of China Hebrew   PDF
July 18 EnergiaNews Changzhou Industrial Incubator Hebrew link  
July 18 Tashtiot New Israeli initiative in China: Industrial Incubator Focused on Cleantech and Renewable Energy Technologies Hebrew link  
July 18 Jerusalem Post Chinese Industrial Incubator will Cater to Manufacturers English link  
July 18 PTL Group is Launching a New Industrial Incubator in China Hebrew link  
Apr 15 Supply Chain Magazine New Logistics Centers in Beijing and Shanghai Hebrew   PDF
Mar 29 FENEDEXPRESS Logistieke ‘omwenteling’ biedt kansen Dutch   PDF
Ma 5 The Fastest Growing (second tier) Cities of "New China" Hebrew link  
Feb 1 Business owners in China: How to keep control and avoid violations of Law in China Hebrew link  
Jan 30 CRIonline Fraud in China - interview with Tiziana Cantoni, Regional Manager, PTL Group Italian link  
Jan 11 Talniri A Delegation of Chinese officials from Wujin Economic Zone Hebrew link  

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