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HR-Management in China – Makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan!

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on Friday, 19 October 2012
in Next Step China

Op 27 november 2012 aanstaande organiseert PTL Group samen met Adecco Group en Bonnard Lawson het seminar 'HR-Management in China'. Het seminar zal plaatsvinden in Postillion Hotel te Utrecht/Bunnik. Dit seminar is bedoeld voor HR-managers, DGA’s of managers die verantwoordelijk zijn voor China en voor bedrijven in de technologische sector die lokaal in China aanwezig (willen) zijn. Het is de perfecte aangelegenheid, waarbij drie ervaringsdeskundigen antwoord zullen geven over de aanpak van uitdagende HR-vraagstukken met betrekking tot HR-activiteiten en HR-management in China.

Tijdens het seminar komen veelgevraagde onderwerpen aan bod zoals:

  • hoe vind ik goed gekwalificeerde mensen in China?
  • hoe stuur ik mijn management in China op afstand aan?
  • hoe behoud ik mijn mensen en hoe vergroot ik hun motivatie en loyaliteit?
  • hoe ga ik om met salaris, sociale premies en secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden?
  • kies ik voor expats en/of Chinees management?

Ervaringsdeskundigen zullen verder ingaan op de volgende aspecten:

  • Het managen van de Westerse/Chinese management interface door Zvi Shalgo, CEO PTL Group
  • Arbeidsrecht in China door Choy Yiu Chan, Nederlands advocaat en lokaal partner bij Bonnard Lawson International Law Firm in Shanghai
  • Salarissen en beloningssystemen in China door Alessandro Tiberia, Implementation and Sales Support Director van de Adecco Group

Meldt u zich nu per e-mail aan bij This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Mocht u specifieke aandachtspunten of vragen hebben die u tijdens dit seminar over HR in China graag besproken ziet worden, laat dit dan vóór 22 november aanstaande via bovenstaand e-mail adres aan ons weten.

Seminar: New Models for Setting Up & Managing Operations in China

Posted by Elena Luk'yanenko
Elena Luk'yanenko
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on Tuesday, 14 February 2012
in Business in China

Three factors – the beginning of a new year; the globalization of industry and emerging trends in China - led the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI) to run a seminar themed New Models for Setting Up and Managing Operations in China.  Approximately 85 senior managers from various industries attended.  The event was held on the 16th floor of Tel Aviv’s world famous Industry House, which offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Israeli experts and business managers with a strong knowledge of China's commercial connotations, shared their experience of successfully managing industrial projects and business activities there.  Conference participants also had the opportunity to examine established Israeli companies in China and interact with Israeli business professionals who have a firm history of operating a business there.

The seminar was opened by Amir Hayek, CEO of MAI; and Jackie Eldan, Consul General of Israel in Shanghai. Both men focused on the tremendous growth and potential of the Chinese market.  They also emphasized the importance of engaging China as a trade partner.

Zvi Shalgo, CEO of PTL Group and Chairman of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, gave an address titled “Strategies for Sustaining Competitive Advantage in the Chinese Market”, during which he analyzed multiple facets of industrial management in China.

Mr. Shalgo reviewed current trends in Chinese markets, most notably the rise of private companies.  In his talk, he also illustrated how the gap between Chinese and Western industry, locally and internationally, is narrowing.   He referred to different models of manufacturing solutions in China and explained one of this year’s hottest emerging trends for Chinese business: the industrial incubation model.

Zvi Shalgo speaks on setting up production in China at seminar for Dutch manufacturers

Posted by Hulya Kaya
Hulya Kaya
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on Thursday, 27 October 2011
in Business in China

OCTOBER 25, Zoetermeer, Netherlands – PTL Group held a seminar in co-operation with FME and EVD. The aim of this seminar was to inform Dutch companies about setting up production facilities in China. The event was attended by approximately 60 Dutch business owners and senior executives. Key note speakers consisted of  Jan Hak, president of GMV-FME, Maarten Roos, R&P China lawyers and Zvi Shalgo, CEO of PTL Group. Facilitator Harry Starren, CEO of De Baak, was in attendance as the moderator of the seminar.

To further support the seminar, a report was published on the specific topic of "Equipment Manufacturing and Machinery in China". The report focuses on the opportunities for equipment manufacturing in China and the importance of the Chinese market for the Dutch manufacturing and technological industries. The report provides tips and guidelines for setting up production in China, ranging from business structure and employment to the sensitive issues which companies must consider when operating in China.

After Harry Starren gave a brief introduction, Marije Hulshof, Director of NL EVD International, gave an update about the opportunities for Dutch SMEs in Chinese markets. PTL Group's CEO, Zvi Shalgo, discussed the history of doing business in China, emphasising that earlier foreign companies used only to source from China. These days, they don't just source or manufacture in China but also sell in the local market. Zvi Shalgo also presented current trends, such as critical timing issues and incubation support models, as well as opportunities to benefit from Chinese government funds. He suggested that Dutch SMEs should consider incubation as their first step when setting up in China, and discussed the stages of establishing a factory in China. He also presented incubation concepts and critical considerations for choosing one. Maarten Roos followed by talking about intellectual property and concerns of foreign companies.

Following the presentations, there was a panel discussion in which key note speakers, answered numerous questions from the audience. The subjects discussed ranged from HR to finance, and other issues related to setting up production facilities in China. Once the panel discussions finished, there was the opportunity for companies to engage in networking, which provided a platform for all attendees to share and discuss their ideas about business in China.