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Does your sales man in China have an Official Company Wechat account?

If the first question that comes to your mind when you read the above sentence is: ”What on earth is Wechat?”  or “What is Official Wechat account?” you are in trouble with your knowledge about China.

If your question is “Why would my sales man need an Official WeChat account?” you are in a better position but not up to date with marketing strategy in China.

As may you already know, many of the marketing tools as well as social media are different in China. Google, YouTube, Facebook and Tweeter do not work in China so you need to adopt the Chinese tools.

For those who do not know what is a WeChat, then the closest thing to WeChat is WhatsApp. However WeChat is a lot more than WhatsApp.

WeChat became one of the leading tools for marketing but also for managing many of our daily life aspects: you can pay and receive payments with a click of a mobile, you can order flight tickets, train tickets, pay your bills, buy tickets to the movie and even pay to your favorite charity.

In terms of social life, few years ago we used to keep in touch mostly with friends who used MSN messenger. Soon after, our social circle was of those who used skype mainly. Today, we keep in touch with friends in China mainly via WeChat, so if you live in China and you are not on WeChat you basically do not exist.

Wechat also is slowly replacing the need for a business card. Until not long ago after every social event I had 40-50 new business card. In the last social event I had only 2 new cards in my hand, but I had 40 new WeChat friends. Yes, 2 second and you scan the person you meet into your phone, and his Wechat account reveals to you instantly a lot about this person: what did he have for lunch, how does his family look like, where did he go on his last vacation etc.

So if you have anything to do with China and you do not have a WeChat account, the first thing that you do after reading this is downloading WeChat to your phone.

How can it help you, you may ask here are few immediate ideas that come to my mind:

  1. If you need to communicate with someone in China and his English is not that great, you can write to him in English and WeChat will translate it immediately to Chinese.
  2. WeChat not only improves your communication with your team in China, it also helps you to manage them better. You can send them money if needed urgently. They can send you pictures and videos wherever they are, you can have voice or video calls with them with better quality than Skype and for free. No more inflated cellular bills.
  3. If you have some trust issues with your team in China and want to know if they really are where they say they are you can use a function on WeChat that shows you exactly where they are at each moment and where are they heading. They can also see where you are so be careful.  It does help when you try to meet them and it is hard to explain which way to go.

There are many more functions that you will discover when you start using WeChat, but why, you may wonder I need an official company account?

Well, in the past year or 2 I feel very uncomfortable to carry around brochures to meetings and exhibitions; I know that the moment that I turn my back and leave the meeting, the brochure goes to the rubbish bin. No one wants to carry brochures anymore. Also, I feel less and less comfortable to use my company presentation. Opening my laptop, connecting to the projector just takes too much time of our quick world. Things are happening instantly and people lose interest quickly. Pulling an IPad with a nice presentation is already a step forward and indeed it leaves a much more sophisticated impression. Today, you have to make you website compatible for every portable device, from your regular smart phone and any other portable device. (if you have not done it yet- homework number 2).

So now we come to the latest trend: a WeChat official account. Why is that better than just showing my website on an IPad?

To start with, WeChat designs are light, modern and very unlikely to have connection problems in case that your website is hosted in places that have connectivity issues when you travel in China. Your WeChat account will always work in China and probably other places around the world.

However the main advantage of an official account is that you can immidiatelly create your business community.

After registering and creating your official WeChat account (which is a challenge by itself that will be discussed later) you need to design an attractive mini site on your WeChat account and then you are set to go and reach out to your business affiliates.

First thing that you could do , is inform all of your distributors, clients, agents, and anyone on your pipeline that you have an official account and invite them to follow your official account to get updated with the latest update of technology. This way you will not bother them with massive e mail campaigns. All you need to do is update your official account and they will receive a notification that you have something new to tell them. If they care about your product and want to stay up to date they will open your updates. This way you can stay in touch with your entire business community in China.

Furthermore, in an exhibition, when you show your presentation on your Ipad, through your WeChat account, at the end of the presentation you can just let the person who saw it to scan your QR code and he becomes a follower instantly. Not more collecting business cards and trying to remember who is who. You can scan his QR code into your WeChat and add few details to remind who he was and probably see his picture and the picture of his entire family…Business relationship becomes a lot more personal immediately.

Not only that, you can add your QR code on top of  your booth, so your booth is packed with people, the ones that didn't get a chance to see a personal presentation will be able to scan the QR and get an immediate private presentation on their phone. If they like it they become a follower and you have them forever without even talking to them.

Another nice tool on Wechat will allow you to locate who from your network is located in the area. So if you attend an exhibition in China you will be able to see who is also there and where.

However, nothing good comes without obstacles especially in China; for registering an official account you need to have a registered company in China in order to set up the official account.

This is a small obstacle since there are companies who are able to let you use their business license to register the Wechat account. However since putting information on the net in China is very regulated it would make sense that the company who register the account will support with managing and controlling of the content that is posted out there to be sure that it is in line with local guidelines.

There are also companies that are specializes with designs for Wechat accounts that requires special skills and knowledge if you want to make the right impact.

If you want to get the feel of how a Wechat Official account should look like you scan the following QR Code.

If you would like more information about setting up an official account please click here.

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