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A Way out in the Chinese Market for an International Software Service Company ---- An interview with PTL Group’s Client - Plataine

Plataine is an award-winning provider of Cloud-based IoT manufacturing optimization software. Plataine’s patent-protected solutions provide material & asset tracking and

traceability capabilites, creating the Digital Thread from raw material to end product. Plataine’s AI-based Digital Assistants empower advanced manufacturers to make optimized decisions on time, every time. Plataine’s solutions are used by top-tier manufactures including Airbus, GE, IAI, and Steelcase. With its HQ and R&D center in Israel, Plataine extended its sales to China in 2009 through one sales representative, however, the sales took off dramatically since Mr. Jason Xu and a new team joined in 2014. Today, Plataine’s China sales activities is 10-fold the sales it was in 2014.

Since 2013, PTL Group has been serving Plataine with respect to recruitment, employee hosting, HR management and back-office administration. Now the Plataine China team is hosted at PTL’s Shanghai office in Xuhui district (see the picture above). This interview was done with Mr. Eli Allouche (VP Operations Asia at Plataine) and Mr. Jason Xu (China Country Manager at Plataine).

Q: Mr. Allouche, what is Plataine’s manufacturing optimization solution?

A: Plataine’s software solutions rely on Industrial IoT and the collection of data in real-time from factory floor sensors that is later turned into actionable insights using Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The software triggers alerts and offer recommendations to production floor management and operators in order to increase production efficiency while ensuring product quality as well as on-time delivery.

Our solutions help advanced manufactures gain full traceability of the Digital Thread, from raw material to end-product, with real-time tracking of the location, condition and status of critical assets, such as raw materials, tools, parts and assemblies.

Q: Mr. Allouche, what is the real impact that Plataine’s solutions offer to the manufacturing industry?

Manufactures today have already embraced the need for Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies but the “how” is still required. Plataine resolves this “mystery” with a single solution that analyzes factory floor data and drives alerts and recommendations that help advanced manufacturers step into the digital factory era.

Q: Mr. Xu, can you please elaborate to us how you and your team achieved the 10-fold sales increase within only 3 years?

A: In my opinion, there are two main reasons for the growth: one is the state-of-the-art manufacturing optimization solution that Plataine has developed, which enables us to answer the growing need of the industry to implement IoT and digitize manufacturing facilities; and the second reason is that as a country manager, I got the full support and trust from our headquarter. Before joining Plataine, I had more than 20 years of sales experience in software industry and the companies I worked for were all Fortune 500 MNC’s. My knowledge and experience of selling software in the Chinese market paved the good foundation for Plataine’s success in China in the last three years. Our headquarter understands well the value of hiring a Chinese sales manager who knows the industry and masters the sales skills.

Q: Mr. Xu, so what are the secrets of your sales skills?

A: There are no secrets to selling software, but I would say that as a good sales man, first you must be a committed person. If you want to become a good software sales man, you must have the technical background and industry knowhow as well, since you need to know exactly what your clients need and how to improve their productivity and factory KPI’s. With the commitment and technical background, you could conquer any problems that you might come across and deliver real value to potential customers.

Q: Plataine has been using PTL Group’s operational management service since 2013, how do you find this platform helping with your daily work?

A: PTL Group recruits and manages our employees in terms of payroll, social insurance, and the expense and reimbursement of our employees. Furthermore, they host us at their well-located office in Shanghai where we have our independent office space, but still enjoy the use of the shared meeting rooms, reception, and cafeteria. Thanks to PTL Group’s HR and back office management, we can focus on developing our business and managing a team of several dedicated employees.

Q: Mr. Xu, how do you foresee your market potential in the coming 3-5 years?

A: Manufacturing firms from all sectors have already realized the immense opportunities that AI & IIoT have to offer for improved on-time, on-quality delivery. Plataine has already made its name amongst leading manufacturers including Airbus, GE, IAI and Steelcase and we will continue to develop our optimization solutions to better serve the manufacturing industry during its transition into the 4th industrial revolution.

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