1. Establish PTL as a leading service provider in the UK market
  2. Approach and create strong connections with UK related organizations such as: CBBC , British Chamber, UK consulate, Trade mission and other related UK organizations
  3. Approach potential UK clients that wants to enter or already entered the Chinese market
  4. Join networking events, seminars, exhibitions, delegations that are related to UK-China relations
  5. Join the marketing efforts of the PTL marketing team to generate more leads
  6. Be active on different social media groups in order to generate interest in PTL services
  7. Maintain suitable online and offline networks that will generate more potential clients
  8. Create relations with the existing clients for inner sales
  9. Update on CRM all the potentials and leads status and communicate internally with the team
  10. Meet  BD/sales targets
  11. Participate in  the selling process of PTL services
  12. Prepare offers, agreements to potential clients
  13. Negotiate and close deals with potential clients
  1. Proven record and experience in Business development work, combined with sales or marketing
  2. Ability to prepare, amend and negotiate business offers and sales contracts ( some legal background an advantage)
  3. Skilled CRM system user with good leads management skills
  4. “People person” – sociable, networker, ability to connect and maintain relationship with people
  5. Ability to work on various social media platforms to be used to generate more leads 
  6. Ability to create partnerships and collaboration with other service providers and/or organizations
  7. UK national or educated in the UK with strong UK connections
  8. Chinese is not a must but can be an advantage
  9. Meet China visa requirements
  10. Ability to adjust to work with Chinese teams of professionals
  11. Able to join networking events during the day and evenings
  12. Good presentation skills
  1. Strong UK connections
  2. 2-4 years of working experience  in China
  3. 3 years of BD and/or sales experience in China or overseas
  4. Working in a Chinese work place
  5. Business/ marketing or legal degree - an advantage
  6. Working with chambers or other government organizations (an advantage)

Please send your CV and cover letter (if there is) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.