Founded in 2000, for the first decade PTL Group focused on setting up and running professional operations like finance, HR, recruitment, marketing, warehousing and logistics. Continuous success and the growing market demand for Chinese business expertise led to a quick expansion of PTL’s service range which now also includes industrial project management, business recovery and equity partnerships. 

2014Year of the Horse

PTL Group, together with Changzhou West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Zone and B&P Management have set up Synergy Funds, a private equity fund of 300 Million RMB aiming to invest in high tech Israeli and other international companies in China in the fields of clean and alternative energies, internet, medical devices, nanotechnology, semiconductors and others.


2013Year of the Snake

PTL Group hosts the Vice Mayor of Changzhou in Israel and participates in the MIT Enterprise Forum "Go China" Seminar.

PTL Group, Matrix Global and John Bryce Training set up a JV for R&D in Changzhou with the support of the Changzhou government aiming at training young engineers to become technical support team members of overseas high-tech companies.

PTL Group celebrates 13 years of servicing foreign companies in China and host an “Old Shanghai” style party for 80 of its clients in Israel.

PTL Group starts a marketing campaign aimed at the North American markets, with several seminars taking place in the US and Canada.


2012 –Year of the Dragon

For the second year in a row, PTL Group wins the first prize from the Asia Turnaround and Transformation Association (ATTA) for submitting a successful transformation case of a company that required assistance of a turnaround process to improve the management of the company and, thus, its efficiency and profitability.

Our first client for outsourced solutions, Kramer Electronics, is celebrating 10 years of cooperation with PTL.

PTL Group management team moves to the newly renovated head office that hosts about 80 employees in 1000sqm in the center of Shanghai.

PTL Group brings the Mayor of Changzhou to visit Israel with a delegation of businessmen interested to invest in Israel and/or to bring back investments to Changzhou.

CEO of PTL Group, Zvi Shalgo, was bestowed the title of “Honorary Citizen of the City of Changzhou”

A delegation of Israeli journalists comes to visit PTL Group facilities in Shanghai and Hangzhou to learn about the unique business model that PTL Group offers.


2011Year of the Rabbit

PTL Group invests in Changzhou industrial incubator initiative (CI3) to provide easy manufacturing and assembly solutions.

PTL Group invests in Credit King: PTL’s credit management arm and its first service company directed to predominantly service Chinese industrial firms.

PTL Group moves to new logistics centers in Shanghai and Beijing, doubling the size of the previous logistics centers due to the growth of its clients.


2010Year of the Tiger

PTL Group formally established its Industrial Division, with Industrial project management being the main activity of this division. The industrial project process is managed from site location to engineering, construction, procurement and initial production trials. 

PTL Group’s Industrial division completes a turnkey project of setting up a full scale factory for LyCored (A daughter company of Machteshim – Agan) in Changzhou.


2009Year of the Ox

The global financial crisis triggers an exodus of foreign managers. PTL Group supervises several ROs and WFOEs that must downsize. The Group manages finance, HR and other functions.

PTL Group logistics opens a specialized spare parts warehousing and RMB invoicing service. The logistics team starts “procurement coordination and mature supply chain management” to run complex supply chains for clients supporting international projects.


2008Year of the Rat

PTL completes a major turnaround case where interim management of the company is needed for a period of almost a year. After thorough work of cleaning up the company, proper work processes under the supervision and management of PTL management team are implemented. Finally, a new GM is recruited and the company is handed back to him for management.

2007Year of the Pig

PTL Group opens its first European presence. Representatives are appointed to The Netherlands and Italy.

PTL Group starts to provide Business Recovery Services.


2006Year of the Dog

PTL builds its first assembly facility and establishes a new business model – sales operations – while backing them with locally assembled products. Over the next few years, PTL Group focuses on complementary support systems to leverage full logistics and managerial capabilities in favor of SMEs entering China.

PTL Group’s Investment division starts a joint investment with Matrix (Israel’s leading IT company) establishing John Bryce IT Training in mainland China. By now, PTL Group’s infrastructure and services extend to service companies as well.


2005 –Year of the Rooster

New offices open in Beijing and Guangzhou. As logistics flows grow, PTL Group establishes regional logistics centers and warehouses in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.


2003Year of the Goat


PTL Group launches its first non-China presence in Israel.

2001Year of the Snake

PTL Group starts to provide back office support for foreign-owned operations in mainland China. Noticing a lack of independence and presence as main reasons for failures in SME penetration, PTL Group offers outsourcing solutions for key management functions in HR, Recruitment, Logistics and Finance. All management functions include legal infrastructures, staff and physical assets to allow immediate action.


2000Year of the Dragon

PTL Group establishes and first offers installation support of humidity control devices in tobacco factories.

Pine Technologies Limited, first registered subsidiary of PTL Group, commences trading in mainland China by distributing industrial environmental technologies, focusing mainly on humidity control systems in several industrial applications.

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